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Odds Car Hire Vintage and Modern Rolls Royce  Wedding Car Hire in Kent 

 Points to consider When Booking a Wedding Car

BRIDE - Be wary of booking a vintage or modern two door car, as it can be very difficult negotiating a large dress past the front passenger seats.  If looking for a convertible car, ensure that it has protection for windy or wet weather- you don't want to arrive at the church looking windswept! Our vintage Rolls-Royce doors open rearwards to allow Brides to step elegantly into the passenger compartment, unlike modern cars that open forward, causing Brides to have to sit on the rear seat and then swing in their legs and a lot of dress!! However, many other vintage tourers and cabriolets are very small- even some small horsepower Rolls-Royce have restricted door openings and cramped interiors.  All our Vintage Rolls-Royce wedding cars have room for even the largest wedding dress and train.  Don't be deceived into booking a vintage car with small door space and interiors, they may look similar, but are often cramped - always look before you book.  We are always pleased to show you our cars.  Never book from a photograph - you can only determine the size and condition by viewing - be very suspicious if any excuse is offered for not allowing you to view.  If dealing with a small concern, ask what will happen if the car you are booking is involved in an accident the week before your wedding - do they have "spare" cars?  Odds cars have been specially chosen so that the above problems do not arise.

BRIDESMAIDS AND BRIDE'S MOTHER - We do offer to make two trips to the church, but if you are considering using the same car as the bride, think: (a) of the time they will have to wait at the place of ceremony, e.g. a 20 minute trip to the church becomes a minimum wait of 60 minutes as time has to be allowed to travel back to collect the Bride and then return ensuring she is ON TIME. (b) the weather - if the car gets dirty on the first journey there may not be time to clean it for the Bride. (c) how will the Bridesmaids and mother be getting to the reception venue.

BAGGAGE - Vintage cars do not have boots, so baggage must be locked in the boot of a family car.

Our car insurance precludes smoking, eating and drinking in the cars.